Saturday, April 25, 2015

40 Free Listings in Etsy

Everyday we learn new things as we do something that is out of our comfort zone. When I opened up an Etsy a few years ago, it was just a way to put out a template that I have used for my kid's joint birthday party. It did sell, and I added more as the kid's had their next party and so on. I did not actually focused on that shop until quite recently and learned that it could actually be a great source of added income for us.

I am happy to say that yesterday, we reached the 550th buyer and we have repeat customers that we can now call friends. 

If you are interested in opening your own Etsy shop.

Please click the link HERE

and both of us will get 40 FREE listings...
It may not look much but starting with 40 FREE listing is a great start and will double up as you put up your own link to friends and families that might also want to do their own Etsy Shop. Who knows? with all the link referrals, you might just not need to pay for that $0.20 listing again. 

Please follow us as well and get updates, freebies and special savings:







Good Luck!

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